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Apparel POS

Provide Great Customer Experiences with a POS Solution that’s the Right Fit

Choosing a point of sale system for your clothing store, boutique, consignment shop, or shoe store is a big decision. You need an apparel POS that can handle the specific inventory, cash register, and reporting needs of your shop. Paradise POS is the iPad-based point of sale that more stores are choosing to make the operations and sales sides of their business run as smoothly as possible.


This apparel POS system is for every type of clothing store from handbags, to shoes or kids clothes, and it moves quickly to keep up with your demand.


Our apparel POS system is customizable so you can run your clothing store business your way. You have complete control with Paradise POS.


Paradise POS works both online and offline so you have zero downtime. It’s also perfect when you need to be mobile and won’t let you down when you need to ring sales the most.


Decrease training time and get your sales associates on the floor selling faster with a system built on an iOS operating system they are familiar with.

Apparel POS that Benefits Your Customers, Your Employees, and Your Business

Customer Experience

• Prompt seating, managed through the POS

• Accurate orders, down to the last detail

• Minimal wait times for service

• Run a tab or split or merge checks

• Secure transactions of all types so your card data and accounts stay safe

User Experience

• iPad based for ultimate mobility

• Intuitive and recognizable functions

• Customizable screens to speed up the checkout process

• Run payments easily without the bulky, extra steps of other systems

• Train new employees quickly with a simple to use system

ROI for Your Business

• Use the labor scheduling to optimize staffing at peak times

• Scan bar codes with your iPhone

• Manage inventory levels and purchasing

• Secure cloud backups so you never lose your data

• World class 24/7 support in case you ever need it

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Additional Apparel POS Features

Sales tax and commission tracking


Loss prevention and shrinkage tracking

Barcode scanner

Mobile business reporting and system access

Gift cards and loyalty program

Labor management and payroll integration

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