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Nightclub and Bar POS

Enhanced Efficiencies, Profitability, and Customer Service

Time and accuracy equal money for your bar or nightclub. That’s why Paradise POS offers bar point of sale (POS) solutions that help bartenders and servers work more efficiently and productively. Our iPad solution is ideal for nightclub POS or bar POS, delivering reliable, secure mobile POS functionality and helping to conserve space behind the counter.


Our configurable screens and our software designed for iOS are easy for bartenders to use accurately and to keep pace even at peak times.


If your internet connection is interrupted, Paradise POS software, with its internet-independent design, keeps working so you never miss a sale.


Features including strong iOS security, payment data encryption, and ID and age verification keep customer data and your business secure.


Our bar and nightclub point of sale provides you with the tools you need to control liquor waste and shrinkage, to store recipes, and provide VIP industry pricing.

Point of Sale that Benefits Your Customers, Your Employees and Your Business

Customer Experience

• Open a tab conveniently

• Minimal wait times for service

• Order repeat rounds, share tabs, or split checks

• Securely use your preferred method of payment

User Experience

• Simple, intuitive Apple iOS interface

• Configurable screens display just what you need

• Easy for new employees to learn

• Quick access to recipes or account information

ROI for Your Business

• Automated reporting for business monitoring and compliance

• Liquor management and shrinkage control

• Data backed up in the cloud and stored locally

• Scales easily when your business grows or needs change


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Additional Bar POS / Nightclub POS Features

Manage happy hour
and promotions

24/7 support
by phone or email

Access to reports
though online portal

ID scanning and age verification


Manage inventory
and orders

Labor scheduling and payroll

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