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Rental POS

Track Inventory, Access Accounts, Manage Labor and More!

Whether you rent equipment, party supplies, furnishings, or other assets, Paradise POS offers a rental point of sale (POS) solution that will help you cut management time and operate more profitably. Your customers will appreciate the fast service they receive, both at pickup and return, as you quickly and accurately manage their accounts.


Accurately and efficiently manage rental sales, timeframes, and deposits from one, easy-to-use system, and streamline checkout and return processes.


Our rental POS software is designed to scale with your business, so it’s easy to add new aisles or even expand to new locations.


Rental POS designed for iOS means you can count on strong security features, built right in. Our solution is also backed up in the cloud to help protect your data.


Our POS systems for rental businesses, designed for iOS, will be familiar and easy for your employees and customers to use. Our POS solution also enables you to access reports on your iPhone.

Rental POS that Benefits Your Customers, Your Employees, and Your Business

Customer Experience

• Easy rental, deposit and return experiences

• Accurate inventory, so customers know what’s available

• Accurate account management

• Secure payment transactions using any payment method

User Experience

• A familiar Apple iOS interface that’s easy to use

• Simple and quick to learn

• Interfaces customized to the task for streamlined workflows

• Combos and upsell prompts

ROI for Your Business

• Monitor and control expenses related to labor, inventory and other cost centers

• Pull easy-to-understand reports for insights that lead to smarter business decisions

• Access reports remotely for the information you need anytime, anywhere

• 24/7 support by phone or email


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Additional Apparel POS Features

Internet independent,
offline mode

Mobile POS capability

Sales tax and
commission tracking

ID scanning and age verification


Loss prevention and security

Scheduling and payroll integration

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