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Convenience Store POS

Fast Checkout, Greater Inventory Visibility, More Satisfied Customers

Your customers choose your convenience store because they can quickly drop in, find what they need, and get on with their day. We designed our convenience store point of sale (POS) to support the fast, efficient service your customers demand and to make managing your diverse inventory and labor schedules easier.


Our convenience store POS is designed for fast service at the checkout and quick access to the information you need, like inventory data and schedules.


Our C-store POS solution gives you the ability to configure screens to create streamlined workflows, enhance operational efficiency, and boost employee productivity.


Paradise POS is internet-independent. That means if the internet connection to your business is down, you can still operate until service is restored.


With a system designed for popular iOS, your staff will already familiar with the interface, making it easier to use and decreasing training time for new employees.

Convenience Store POS that Benefits Your Customers, Your Employees, and Your Business

Customer Experience

• Fast, efficient service

• Easy loyalty rewards program participation

• Accepts all types of payment

• Data is encrypted so payment information is secure

User Experience

• Apple iOS interface makes it easy to use

• Cut training time (especially important if there is high employee turnover)

• Customizable interface shows only what employees need for the task

• Option for mobile POS

ROI for Your Business

• Reduce management hours with a complete retail management system

• Easy access to detailed reports that help make smarter business decisions

• Business continuity with data backed up in the cloud and stored locally

• 24/7 support by phone or email


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Additional Apparel POS Features

Scale and barcode integration

Gift cards

Inventory management

ID scanning and age verification


Loss prevention and security

Labor scheduling and payroll

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