POS for Restaurants
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Catering and Food Truck POS

Reliable Point of Sale Functionality Wherever Your Business Takes You

You need point of sale (POS) software that lets your provide great customer service wherever you are doing business. Food truck POS from Paradise POS gives you reliable functionality whether you are on site or on the road. Our software, designed for iOS devices, allows you to choose from Apple devices to find the one best suited for mobile use and to your business needs.

Offline Capabilities

Even when you can’t connect to the internet, Paradise POS food truck POS and catering POS keeps working, thanks to our internet-independent design.


Our catering and food truck POS software is designed to scale with your business, so it’s easy to add a new POS terminal or expand to a new location.


Backup data in the cloud and conveniently review reports, even from multiple units, from your online portal.


Quick service is key, so we offer configurable screens that allow you to optimize workflows for greater productivity.

online ordering

Food Truck POS that Benefits Your Customers, Your Employees, and Your Business

Customer Experience

• Short lines and quick service

• Accurate orders, even when you request modifications

• Use the payment method you prefer, including swipe, EMV, and Apple or Samsung Pay

• Printed or emailed receipts

User Experience

• Simple for new employees to learn

• Intuitive iOS interface makes it easy to use

• Customizable screens eliminate extra clicks

• Information at your fingertips using mobile POS

ROI for Your Business

• Affordable, yet feature-rich

• Inventory management helps control costs

• Optimize labor to maximize profits

• 24/7 support


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Additional Food Truck POS Features

Scale and barcode integration

Customizable menu
and pricing

Gift and loyalty

ID scanning and age verification


Secure payment processing

Access detailed reports through online portal

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