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online ordering and contactless order and pay

Online Ordering and Contactless Pay

Take Charge of Your Online Ordering

Stop relying on other overpriced online systems that cost anywhere from 25-40% commission and take control of your business’s online ordering and delivery system. With Paradise POS's Online Ordering you can put your restaurant not only online but in the palm of your customer’s hand!

Paradise POS Online Ordering links directly to your database for easy menu setup for online orders. Assign different pricing for your online ordering items and modifiers to help offset expenses associated with hosting online orders and packaging needs for takeout/delivery orders.

Orders will print directly to your kitchen printer and/or kitchen display. You will have access to a separate dashboard created to easily manage and access reports for your online orders. The online ordering also supports pictures and can easily be assigned to items that are displayed for online selection.

Training can be provided to help merchants learn how to manage online orders and our tech team will assist with setup. Once the setup is complete, you can login and create an “Order Now” button that can easily be added to your website or social media posts. This link will then direct your customers to an ordering page that we create and host for you.

No Hidden Fees

• Monthly Flat Rate
• Zero Commissions
• No Setup Fees

Seemless Integration

• Imports Paradise Menu
• Cash Discount Compatible
• Singular Reporting & Batches

Easy To Use

• Link Directly From Your Website
• 60-Day Trial
• Unlimited Orders
• Easily Upload Images


• Contactless Order & Pay
• Scan QR Code to Order
• Use Mobile Device to Pay Ticket

Contact the experts at Paradise POS to learn how online ordering could benefit your restaurant. Schedule a call today!

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paradise pos contactless order and pay is available now

Contactless Order and Pay

In addition to online ordering, we also provide Contactless Ordering and Pay capabilities. Give your guests the ability to order and pay at the table, all from the convenience of their own mobile device. Your guests simply scan your restaurant’s QR code, input their table number, and use Paradise Online Ordering to create and pay for their order. We create the QR Code for your online ordering website and provide it as part of the setup process. You can then add that QR Code to table tents, menu’s, stickers, etc.


No physical menus, no exchanging credit cards, no pens, no receipts, no touch.


Minimize mistakes when your customer creates their own order, improve table turn times, and reduce all the back and forth between staff and guests. Your customers no longer wait for their server to take care of the check. Plus, increase tips with prompted gratuity.

Creates a Better Experience

Free up your servers from closing checks and increase time spent on hospitality.

QR Codes

Use QR codes on table tents, menus, or anywhere else easily accessible to your guests. You can even place them on parking spots so customers can scan, order, and pay without ever having to leave their car!


  • Limited Contact
  • Fewer Mistakes
  • Improved Table Turn Times
  • Fast and Simple Checkout

  • contactless order and pay table tent

    Contact the experts at Paradise POS to learn how online ordering could benefit your restaurant. Schedule a call today!

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    Online Ordering Custom App Option

    Put your restaurant in the palm of your customer’s hand! Paradise POS is teaming up with Custom App Build to give you the option to bring your Paradise POS online menu to your own custom mobile app. This allows for a custom mobile app to be built for your business and submitted to Apple and Android. This integration allows users to order from your Paradise online menu as well as take advantage of Custom App Build’s unique features. The features include:

    Push Notifications

    Make sure your customers know when your next promotion begins with a notification straight to their device.

    Direct Marketing

    Offer coupons, sales, and promotions directly to your consumers.

    Customer Loyalty

    Reward customers with targeted discounts, coupons, and other incentives.


    U.S. consumers spend an average of five hours a day on mobile devices with most of that time spent on apps; make sure yours is one of them.

    Geo Fencing

    Set radii around your front door that will alert customers of sales or promotions when they walk or drive within a certain radius of your business to drive traffic.

    *Custom App Build comes with these features and they are not integrated into the Paradise POS system.


    Contact the experts at Paradise POS to learn how online ordering could benefit your restaurant. Schedule a call today!

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