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Staying on top of your labor is easy and straight forward. This is the difference between profit and loss.



Paradise POS is built upon the latest technology for responsive and intuitive performance



Your data is always backed up in the cloud and your data is always local. It's the best of both worlds.



With our experience in retail and restaurants we have created a system that is flexible enough to fit your business.



All your data is encrypted and safe. As well as all your customers credit card transactions



Our support sets us apart for our competition. We are always available via phone or email.

The Paradise POS system has been really great. I like the way they have adapted it to what our store needs.

Jamia in Karen Horton & Relax Hour Spa

I can work on the reports, inventory and payroll from home if need be

Teresa at Karen Horton & Relax Hour Spa

I find myself ultizalizing all the tools and functions that it has. It helps us easily operate our business.

Jason at Traditions

I've used other systems in the past and the flexiblity of this program is night and day.

Jarrod Juls

24/7 Tech Support

Our Tech Support provides for unlimited 24/7 In-house tech support as well as all future updates to the system. There will be no extra fees. We offer TRUE live support. No matter what time of the day or night someone will be available for you.

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Peer to Peer

Our unique peer to peer database means that if your internet goes down, your Paradise POS stations can still talk with one another. By not relying on just the cloud or just a local server, Paradise POS allows your devices to continue to work. Why should your business come to a halt just because your internet service did?

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iOS Based Solution

Another thing that makes Paradise POS different is that we work natively within the iOS environment. Our software works just like any other on an iPad. You can swipe to delete; Touch and hold to edit an item… Basically if you’ve used any mobile device, your business will adopt easily to Paradise POS.

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EMV Adoption

The most important feature of any point of sale system is the ability to take a payment from your customer. Though many systems have struggled with EMV adoption. Our system is capable on running EMV and contactless payments right out of the box. To learn more about EMV adoption please contact us.

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Inventory Management

The inventory management tools provided to your business are superb. We utilize a barcode scanner so you can just walk through your business with your iOS device and do your inventory counts and updates wirelessly. It's also really easy to add new inventory to the system. Simply scan the barcode and the system will prompt that the new item doesn't exist and will ask if you would like to create a new one. You can assign a category and department to the items and set pricing.There is even label printer integration so that you can print barcodes for those miscellaneous items directly through our system as well.

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Paradise POS is also capable of handling payroll. Each employee clocks-in to the system and we track their hours until the clock out. Paradise POS can even handle commissions. We also offer various reports to track and pay your employees from labor percentage reports, to commissions, and ultimately payroll. All reports export to excel for quick uploads to just about payroll management system you're using like QuickBooks or to send to your CPA.

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