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Quick Service POS

Serve Up the Great Customer Service Your Customers Demand

Let us help you complete your recipe for quick service success — you create mouth-watering menu items and we’ll give you the tools you need to operate a competitive and profitable restaurant. Our quick service POS software supports your team from the moment customers approach the counter until they receive their orders — enabling your employees to provide the fast, accurate, efficient service your customers expect.


Quick service point of sale software can’t hold up the line or delay work in the kitchen. Our powerful technology responds quickly and keeps operations moving.


Our quick service POS software is designed for iOS, so your employees and customers will be familiar with the interface and find it easy to use.


With Paradise POS, if your business loses its internet connection, you don’t lose POS functionality. Our internet-independent system works offline until the connection is restored.


Give your business and your customers the advantage of a secure iOS system with strong encryption to protect payment card and other data.

I find myself ultizalizing all the tools and functions that it has. It helps us easily operate our business.

Jason at Traditions

I've used other systems in the past and the flexiblity of this program is night and day.

Jarrod at Juls

Quick Service POS Advantages for Customers,
Restaurant Employees, and Your Business

Customer Experience

• Less time waiting in line to order

• Easy for restaurant employees to keep up as you place your order

• Accurate orders, including modifiers

• Use any payment type securely

User Experience

• Easy quick service POS software for new employees to learn

• Graphical screens make it easy to accurately enter orders

• Easy to upgrade to combos or modify menu items

• Prompts to help you upsell

ROI for Your Business

• Reports help track inventory and reduce waste

• Manage labor scheduling and clock-ins from the POS

• Data backed up in the cloud and stored locally for always-on functionality

• Scalable system that grows when your business needs change

Added Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to Learn.
  • Feature-Rich Yet Affordable
  • Fast and Simple Checkout
  • World-Class Customer Support

  • Whether you are a single store operator or multi-unit franchise, Paradise POS offers an innovative solution for your business as well as a variety of affordable pricing plans.

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    Customizable menus and pricing


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