Liquor Store Point of Sale

This Liquor Store Point of Sale Has All the Tools You Need

Wine and liquor stores with the added pressure of selling a regulated product need a point of sale system that is uniquely suited for alcohol sales. A liquor store point of sale like the one that we have developed at Paradise POS has everything you need from ID verification to inventory management.


Our liquor store point of sale has the features that are necessary to run a successful liquor or wine store from an iPad.


Customize screens to create the best workflow and business processes to make both you and your employees more productive.


Quickly process payments over an encrypted network. Even accept EMV or contactless payments with Paradise POS.


Make your cashier’s lives easier with built in ID scanning making age verification a snap and protecting you from underage sales.

Liquor Store Point of Sale that Benefits Your Customers, Your Employees, and Your Business

Customer Experience

• Provide quick and secure checkout

• Easily issue and accept gift cards

• Customers can pay with everything from cash to EMV

• Encrypted data ensures your customer data is as secure as possible

• Swift age verification process to move lines quickly

User Experience

• Smooth and intuitive iPad interface

• Train all your employees quickly

• Customizable screens to eliminate unnecessary information that can slow down transactions

• Use iPhone or Android device with barcode scanner integration

• Easy-to-use touchscreen technology

ROI for Your Business

• Keep a close eye on inventory with highly detailed reports

• Never worry about data loss with cloud and local backups

• Schedule labor and track labor costs

• Keep ringing sales even when the network is down with the offline mode

• Prompt IT support is just a call or an email away 24/7

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Additional Liquor Store POS Features

Barcode integration

The very latest technology

Mobile reporting and system access

ID scanning and age verification


Loss prevention and security

Scheduling and payroll integration

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